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Chamber music

TRIO AROSA - piano trio

Frederieke Saeijs - violin
Maja Bogdanovic - violocello
Nino Gvetadze - piano

The ladies of Trio Arosa first got together for a musical adventure on invitation by the ‘Dutch Orchestra and Ensemble Academy’ in summer 2009. Frederieke Saeijs was ‘Artist in Residence’ during this Academy. She was supported by the Academy in making her dream come true of playing and performing together with two greatly appreciated musical friends: Georgian pianist Nino Gvetadze and Serbian cellist Maja Bogdanovic. The ladies of Trio Arosa experienced a magical musical click right away during the summer of 2009, and decided to stay and grow together as a musical team.  In 2011 the trio had a 9-concert tour through The Netherlands, of which the last one was recorded for Dutch radio. The name Trio Arosa is linked to Achille Arosa, who was the godfather of Claude Debussy and an art-collectioneur of impressionist paintings.

Biographies of the three artists


WIENER VIRTUOSEN - members of the Vienna Philharmonic

The basic cast of the ensemble is a string quartet with double bass and a wind quintet, regarding the repertoire it can be made bigger or smaller. The literature includes works from Viennese classic till music of the 20th century, played with single strings and winds as in the score written and also arrangements made for the ensemble.
Many well known soloists appeared in many concerts with the Wiener Virtuosen in several countries of Europe, USA and Japan